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Counter Information is a free news-sheet - 14,000 copies of the paper edition are distributed round the world. Issue no 57 went to press 30th August 2002. This online version includes some EXTRA information not included in the paper version.

Counter Information is produced by an independent collective, based in central Scotland, including Glasgow. We aim to assist in the struggle against all injustice, oppression and exploitation. Write for copies to distribute. Send us news. Contact us if you'd like to get involved - more people needed. Cheques, postal orders etc to Counter Information.

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report on the situation and the resistance in Argentina.

Debate on just what kind of society we are battling to create.

Resistance from round the globe, snapshots of news to inspire....

The Twin Towers, the West Bank, Bush's "crusade" against Al Qaeda

The racist state clampdown on refugees is meeting resistance world-wide, including at the Woomera detention centre in Australia where fences were torn down and about 50 refugees escaped!

Glasgow community occupations against closures.

Struggles behind bars and solidarity through the bars. News on prisoners in England, Turkey, the USA, Slovakia and the Spanish state.

As the CI collective evalutates the future of this news-sheet, we let you in on WHY we produce CI, HOW we produce CI, HOW you can meet the CI collective and/or continue to receive CI both electronically and via the post... and ask for your views.

Contacts for groups and movements fighting back



ECONOMIC CRISIS and government austerity measures have plunged many in Argentina into desperate poverty. 30% are unemployed. The International Monetary Fund are demanding draconian cuts and sackings to repay £132 billion debt.  But from Dec. 2001 through to today, mass resistance rocks the system.

A successful anti government mobilisation saw people blockading main roads country-wide on 26/27 June, despite 2 demonstrators being shot dead.  Neighbourhood assemblies have mushroomed. In Buenos Aires 200 open local assemblies meet weekly, and also send 2 mandated delegates to a weekly coordinating assembly.  Assemblies organise many activities - demos, solidarity with workers, neighbourhood banks, a first aid clinic, community vegetable gardens, news-sheets, street parties, skilled workers reconnecting electricity, gas and water to people cut off for non-payment, a successful struggle to win a subsidised nursery /canteen and jobs for local unemployed. Committees work on areas like health.

"Here, no one is in charge, we are going to take turns," said an assembly member.  The unemployed workers movement, the piqueteros, blockade motorways to demand - and often win - jobs, food, education, and health care. Over 60% are women. Centred around neighbourhoods, especially outside Buenos Aires, all decisions are made at assemblies.  The piqueteros have created quasi-liberated zones - in General Mosconi, they run 300+ projects, eg bakeries, organic gardens, clinics, and water purification.  Workers are striking and occupying workplaces, eg the Perfil and Turbio mines. The Zanón ceramics factory in Neuque has been operating under workers control for 6 months. Cacerolazos, where demonstrators bang pots and pans, attacks on banks and the looting of supermarkets, are widespread.

"They all must go" - all politicians, multinationals, the banks, the IMF - announced 1000 delegates at the National Piqueteros' Assembly of Unemployed and Employed Workers on 22/23 June. They declared for an active general strike to open the road to a new popular rebellion, so that the people and workers will govern.

Que Se Vayan Todos: Argentina's Popular Rebellion : pamphlet from artactivism @



Debate on just what kind of society we are battling to create - feedback welcome!

A CLASSLESS society where people run things co-operatively, without bosses? A nice idea, but how could it happen?

Argentina today shows how a revolution could start. Neighbourhood assemblies, workers' occupations, the piqueteros unemployed movement creating semi-liberated zones...... This could be the beginning of "ordinary people" - instead of businessmen and politicians - taking all the important decisions in society.  Neighbourhood assemblies in Buenos Aires are organising vital services like child care. Assemblies are linking up with workers in struggle.  Workers are taking over and running their workplaces. Piqueteros are operating hundreds of self-managed projects and challenging state power in some areas.

On 3 Feb. the "Centario" neighbourhood co-ordination affirmed that the people should govern through the popular assemblies.

Different grass-roots movements are coming together in struggle and in the Piquetero National Assemblies, where questions of revolution, taking power and the end of exploitation are discussed.  Most such movements are either crushed, or fizzle out. But while revolution cannot be created merely by proclaiming its necessity, in certain situations the fire of revolt can catch hold and spread, involving ever more people in ever more areas.   If workers and residents come together to jointly decide what work needs done, who is to do it, and how - and if this happens in enough places involving enough people - then the old power of the employers and the state could be challenged. This situation of "dual power" could culminate in the new power of peoples' own self- organisation wresting control away from the ruling class.

Of course the ruling class won't give up power peacefully. People will need to seize and defend all society's resources - workplaces, land, transport etc.. ALL must take power, not new "left-wing" rulers.  Revolution can't succeed in one country alone - but Argentina today is an inspiration for people everywhere to take action themselves.

(photo to be inserted)


Our photo shows captured police held at machete point by peasants from San Salvador Ateneco defying state plans to build Mexico City's new airport on their land (Chinconcuac, 25 April). On 1 Aug. President Fox announced the withdrawal of the compulsory purchase orders and the abandoning of the airport plans for Ateneco. If confirmed this will be a great victory for community solidarity and direct action. A long struggle culminated in July with a virtual insurrection in Ateneco and 3 other towns, with thepeasants capturing and holding prisoner 19 government officials.




Socal revolt is also erupting in other S.American states like Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, with many land occupations, and Bolivia where the social movement in Cochabamba is fighting for the abolition of parliament and its replacement by a popular assembly.


2,000 postal workers took unofficial strike action in Glasgow on 14/15 August. The dispute, starting in the Springburn sorting centre and spreading to 8 delivery offices, concerned the compulsory redeployment of workers.


On October 16th 2002, a small proportion of the 1.5 million people employed by McDonalds around the world will take our first tentative steps towards a better world. Hundreds of McDonalds workers, concentrated in the UK, but also across continental Europe, Russia, North America and Australasia, will take direct action against our employers. We are not necessarily expecting to see strikes, but definitely sabotage, go-slows, partial walk outs, 'phone in sick days', etc. It will be the first ever co-ordinated, international, worker led mobilisation by the McDonalds workforce.

October 16th was chosen because since the mid 1980s it has been the date of world anti-McDonalds day. More info:


BAKKARI Adoui fled to Scotland in 1998 in fear of his life in Tanzania.  Now the Home Office are trying to deport him back there. Bakkari faces a hearing in Glasgow on 19 September. Solidarity is needed urgently.   Petitions and info from Bakkari Adoui Campaign c/o TUCRC, 26 Albany St., Edinburgh EH1


HUNDREDS OF poor indigenous people drove the police out the public market area in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico on 7 March. Men, women and children joyfully carted off food, clothes, furniture and more from ransacked big shops. The revolt flared after police arrested street sellers of pirated music.


PEASANT organisations in Guatemala are seizing land. With 2% of the population owning 75% of the farmland, the peasants are taking direct action to obtain the land they need to live. The peasants and indigenous co-ordination CONIC reported 19 land occupations underway in early July - and promised more, plus highway blockades, if the government did not act to solve the land problem. Meanwhile the United Peasants Committee CUC denounced the murder on 25 June of 2 of their members from the community Los Cerritos, Morales, Izabal. They are involved in a fierce struggle over land with estate owner Margarita de Argudo, a US citizen who they denounce for employing paramilitaries and being responsible for the murders. More international observers are needed to give solidarity to this courageous struggle. CUC <cuc @>


THE WOBBLIES are back. The IWW - Industrial Workers of the World - is a union of unions. Militant industrial unions, that is, as opposed to the take-your-dues and run reformist trade unions. And unlike the bureaucrat-run TU's, the IWW is member controlled from the grassroots up. Formed in 1905 the IWW has a century long history of organising workers around the globe into hard-fighting no-nonsense unions in both the workplace and the community - the ideal antidote to globalisation. And as faith in trade unionism slumps, the IWW is growing fast. The IWW is the Union for All. Stuff the boss. Join the Wobblies. Edinburgh IWW c/o 17 W Montgomery Place EH7 5HA lobocano2002 @ Clydeside IWW iwwclydeside @ Industrial Workers of the World, PO Box 4414, Poole, Dorset BH15 3YL info @


2,000 women were involved in occupying a ChevronTexaco oil terminal in Nigeria for over a week in July. They demanded - and won - jobs in the terminal and the construction of schools, water and electricity systems for their poverty-struck communities.


The Twin Towers human disaster of 11th September, 2001 has been used by Bush & his minions to herald a crusade against Muslim fundamentalism. The War mongering xenophobia is likely to be extended from Afghanistan to Iraq. Instead of the linkage with Al Qaeda & the Taliban there is the menacing tone : "need for regime change". If there is any link between Saddam & Bin Laden, and with Noriega and others previously, it is their previous involvement in C.I.A. global politics. Contingency plans in the U.S.A. have been made to intern anti- Iraq war protestors. If Blair slavishly follows Bush, will muslim activists in the U.K. be interned in a new "Maze"; like the American Japanese were during WW2 ?

Zionist zeal
The hiatus after the ending of the Cold War was finally over. The media images of excited Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank, welcoming the Al Qaeda terrorism was seized upon by Ariel Sharon's Zionist coalition to further escalate the occupation. Successive acts of bulldozing houses and shanty towns, of selective assassination of Palestinian figures of resistance, and denying work opportunities have led to ever more desperate suicide bombings. This "propaganda of the deed" carried out by individuals attached to both muslim fundamentalist and traditional Palestine liberation organisations has led to the indiscriminate death of Israeli citizens in marketplaces and buses.

This cycle suits the political aims of Sharon's Zionist Government. At every opportunity, the acts are linked directly to Yasser Arafat, whilst the infrastructure of the Palestinian authority has been severely weakened by Israeli military action. Instead of Arafat being exposed for the fraudster & demagogue that he is, the Palestinians by and large, understandably rally round him as a reaction to the Bush/Sharon strategy.

One brief encouraging exception was the march in Gaza on 6th July, of workers against the Israeli occupation, their lack of work and the corruption of the Arafat Government. But against the backdrop of reprisal and oppression such voices are marginalised. A similar fate has befallen the anti-militarist forces in Israel, the U.S.A and Western Europe. Some Palestinian spokespersons have urged Hamas and other organisations to desist from the terror tactic of indiscriminate bomb blasts largely targeting working class Israelis. However, the aim of the Sharon's Government is to perpetuate this callous cycle of reprisal & make an alternative to Arafat unlikely in the short term.

The bubble bursts
The exploitation of 9/11 to suit the aims of militarism has involved putting pressure on States such as Yemen to uncover Al-Qaeda forces, a move that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy as resentment against Bush solidifies. The crisis over Kashmir has also become redefined as India identified the insurgency as Al-Qaeda linked, putting pressure on the embattled rulers of Pakistan to distance itself or face military consequences.

The economic fallout from September 11th has been more profound than the political/military adventurism of Bush & his allies. The inflated stock exchange bubble in Wall St. has been well and truly punctured. Furthermore, the ideology of capitalism has been discredited with the successive disclosures of "creative accounting" practices in Enron & other pillars of the profit motive. The mood of insecurity, giving rise to cynicism & anger over the Large Corporations has persisted despite the swamping of dissent by puerile patriotism. Human dramas such as the rescue of American miners on 28th July, become distorted in flag waving illustrations of The Great American Dream.

This "Dream" is a nightmare for the planet we live on with profound environmental changes linked to the values of unbridled consumption & pollution. It is a nightmare for the dispossessed and exploited. Yet desperate reaction based on new illusions suits Globalised capitalism. The world as we know it will not go away without widespread realisation that the agenda of the rulers is redundant.


THE RACIST state clampdown on refugees is meeting resistance world-wide. Many asylum seekers were and are on hunger strike to fight against the awful conditions in the asylum seekers detention centres and for their denied human rights.

In Bern, Switzerland 300 people managed to free an imprisoned Kurdish refugee under cover of a concert outside the jail.

In Woomera in Australia, at Easter 2002, fences were torn down and about 50 refugees escaped into freedom from the detention centre when protesters initiated a no border camp and demo to support the isolated, incarcerated refugees, among them kids of all ages. Around 10 refugees evaded recapture.

Two of the escaped refugees, young boys, applied for asylum at the British embassy in Australia. They were handed over to the Australian home office the same day, who put them back into the closed Woomera detention centre. A second mass break-out happened at Woomera in the summer, when protesters tore down the fences with a car. Many of the refugees are fleeing from wartorn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

This year's international nobordercamp in Strasbourg, organised by grassroots groups from all over Europe and beyond, protested against the Schengen-Information System and the European Institutions. Also three camps with different themes took place in Germany, one on gender, one on self-organisation of refugees, and one on repression.

Refugee solidarity tours are happening in Australia, and in autumn in Germany. The self- organisation of "Sans Papiers" - people without documents - is especially strong in France and the Southern European states.

Some churches are protecting refugees from deportations. Gypsies under threat of deportation set up a protest camp and went on hunger strike in front of the German parliament. Vouchers get exchanged for money, the "Deportation class" campaign set up the first online demonstration. Airlines and other corporations profiting from detention and deportation are targeted. Also anonymous voluntary medical aid is set up for refugees, who are excluded often not only from health, but from any other social services.

No Borders:

Protesters Stand Up to Polis

On 7 Aug. 2001 Sheriff Officers supported by over 250 Polis were confronted by hundreds of local people when they evicted the occupation of Govanhill Pool, Glasgow [see CI 56]. The Govanhill Pool Campaign has been such a threat to the Cops and the state that activists, some as young as 13yrs old, are being brought to court on trumped up charges. Protesters recently marched on the Police HQ to demand that all charges be dropped.

Residents in Penilee, Glasgow, occupied the Penilee Youth Wing in May /June to resist its closure Now they have formed a local community action group to continue their struggles.



"A SHADOW of death is being raised in the heart of our land, of our mother, of our forest. A cloud of soldiers, paramilitaries, plans and projects is coming once again to threaten us, to rob us of our dream and to evict our indigenous communities.... But we are not going to permit eviction, nor the relocation of our communities, we are going to defend them with everything we have in our hands.." : so declares the Zapatista autonomous municipality of Ricardo Flores Magon, speaking from Montes Azules, deep in the Lacandona jungle, Chiapas.

110 Zapatista villages and settlements are threatened with eviction. The Mexican government cites conservation concerns in the Biosphere Reserve. The real reason is the economic and strategic interests of transnational corporations and the USA and Mexican governments - the Plan Puebla Panama aims to "develop" southern Mexico and Central America, exploiting natural resources like biodiversity and driving peasants off their land into sweatshops. The conflict in Montes Azules is part of the low intensity warfare waged against the Zapatista indigenous people.

Throughout eastern Chiapas these indigenous people are developing their own self-managed communities, independent from the state. Following the 1994 Zapatista uprising the people seized large areas of land from big landowners. Now there are 38 Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities, over 1000 villages and small towns, the cells of the living revolution. In many Zapatista villages no government official or private business can set foot.

The Zapatista communities are under heavy attack. Poverty grows as coffee prices plummet. Fox's pro-business PAN government refuse to ratify the San Andres Accords, which would mean indigenous legal control of their autonomous lands. Instead they passed a phony "indigenous rights" law. The Zapatistas condemn this - all negotiations are off.

Despite police, army and paramilitary harassment and attacks, divide and rule government projects, bribery, arrests, new military/ commercial roads, thousands of refugees..... the Zapatista communities in resistance fight on, defending their community controlled land and maize fields. Many Zapatista communities have expelled the government teachers, to instead create their own education. Indigenous culture and languages are promoted. Local youths, "education promoters", learn to be teachers. Health promoters study courses like herbal medicine, then return to their communities to share their knowledge. The idea is to promote life-long good health rather than fill ill people with drugs.

Women have got organised. "Men used to tell women they had no rights. Now we know that we all have rights." The Zapatista slogan is "mandar obediciendo", to govern by obeying. "Our goal be autonomous of state and federal government. All decisions here are made at the General Assembly where every man and woman over 16 votes."

One Zapatista community is Oventik, where the Mother Seeds in Resistance project was launched on 1st January. Mexico is threatened by genetically modified maize. "We must save the seeds which grow in our communities because a new type of seed known as transgenetic is arriving and this seed could destroy the plants which our ancestors created over thousands of years," explain education promoters from Oventik's autonomous secondary school. "Students will .. discuss and write about many topics with our oldest and best farmers in our own language, Tzotzil." The project will collect and store corn seeds, and later beans, squash, chile and medicinal plants. They aim to identify unique seeds grown in hundreds of Maya communities throughout Chiapas.

The Zapatistas are keenly aware that they are part of an international struggle. A worker in a Zapatista autonomous hospital urges people to resist where they are : "Any struggle that wins anywhere in the world is like a breath of oxygen for us."

Zapatista solidarity - Chiapaslink, c/o 82 Colston St., Bristol BS1 5BB chiapaslink @
Never Again a World Without Us - T.Ortiz, EPICA 2001
Black Flag no 221: BM Hurricane, London WC1N 3XX




As the low intensity war against the Zapatista communities intensifies, the number of Zapatista prisoners has increased from 9 to 24. The prisoners are organised in "The Voice of Cerro Hueco" to continue their struggle for autonomy within prison walls.
La Voz de Cerro Hueco, Av Diego Duguelay 36c, Barrio El Cerrillo, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico <bajlum_vozcerrohueco @> Prisoners names etc in "Update 2002" at


Prisoners in Uruguay - including anarchist activists - desperately need international solidarity. In March hundreds of inmates rebelled against appalling conditions. They took over and largely destroyed Montevideo's inaptly named 'Liberty' jail. Now the authorities are exacting revenge, torturing and beating prisoners - 3 have died, reportedly murdered by guards.
<cruznegra_bsas @>
(Info from CNA, apdo.5 de Getafe, 28901 Madrid, Spain)


Long time prison resister John Bowden is now at HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Rd,Bristol BS7 8PS



The Counter Information collective is evaluating the future of the Counter Information news-sheet. Our commitment to people collectively taking control of their own lives and transforming society remains as strong as ever. We are however considering how - and whether - at this time Counter Information news-sheet can play a positive part in this struggle. We invite our readers to participate in this process by sending us your views and by attending the meetings we are organising. We also invite people in broad agreement with us to become involved in producing and distributing Counter Information - this is essential if the news-sheet is to continue.


Why do we produce Counter Information?

To show that resistance to exploitation and oppression is occurring now all over the world.

To encourage
- more people to get involved in challenging oppression.
- people to rely not on politicians or leaders, but on self-organisation and direct action.
- people to see resistance as part of daily life, involving the development of positive values such as co-operation and mutual aid
- people involved in different forms of resistance to link up, and see their activity as part of the battle for revolutionary change, to create a world without relationships of domination and submission.

We are now reassessing whether or not publishing Counter Information is an effective way of us doing this.

We have identified 3 possibilities.

1) Counter Information continues as a news-sheet with a Scottish/ British/ International mix of coverage, with distribution throughout Britain and overseas.  However we do not have the resources to come out very regularly and be up to date with news. And in any case other news-sheets and web sites are doing this. Thus rather than concentrating on specific actions and "hard news", we would cover ongoing struggle, how people are organising and go into the arguments about WHY certain struggles are important. For example the Storms Brewing article on climate change in CI 56. We would include personal accounts of daily resistance, which are not necessarily dramatic "news" like a strike or riot. While still having "shorts", other articles would be fewer, but more in depth. We would aim to make the layout more spacious. We want to be accessible to people new to revolutionary ideas.

2) CI reorientates to a mainly Scotland-based content and distribution, while maintaining some international coverage. This would involve discussing with other Scotland based revolutionaries. The aim would be to have a major distro and significant impact initially at least in the 4 largest Scottish cities.

3) CI stops publication. We would then devote our time and resources to other projects.  

There may well be other options. We would really value your feedback and opinion on the future of Counter Information. It will make a difference to what we do.  To continue we need more people actively involved in producing, and distributing Counter Information - without this we will be forced to stop publication. If you want to be involved in any way please let us know.


COUNTER INFORMATION is holding meetings to discuss the future of the news-sheet. These are open to all broadly sympathetic to CI and who are interested in possibly being involved in the project in some way. Details of the meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow can be obtained by contacting us.  There will also be meetings at the Big Blether Gathering at Talamh, Lanarkshire, scheduled for Sunday 8th September, and hopefully at the Anarchist Bookfair in London, on 19 October.


How to Get CI

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burning midnight oil to get CI done

CI is produced in a collective way. This means that meetings are convened, interspersed with e mail communication, to decide on articles, commission them from within the small group of people who make up the collective, and other sympathetic contacts. Articles aren't usually signed, as in a magazine because they are a result, in theory at least, of collective agreement.  We collectively agree how many words we can fit into a folded A3 sheet and plan appropriate word estimates for each of the commissioned articles. We also include at least one column of Shorts. In World to Win format this is a snapshot of summarised news which indicates positive efforts throughout the world. Ideally we commission first-hand report articles - which Journalism would term as Exclusives ; which convey the vibes of what happened as well as the facts. We have the odd editorial; we simply don't come out with enough regularity to avoid the need for these "sermons" [hopefully not!]. We like to include, as of late, subjective accounts of workplace situations or community struggles, with an element of wit a desirable ingredient. E mail should allow more participation from outside the Glasgow>Edinburgh corridor, and hopefully cut out non-essential meetings; much as we love each other's fabulous company. Most of us believe ourselves "overstretched"; by commitments and other passions [too numerous/boring to mention: delete as applicable]. It was therefore instructive, especially those without childminding responsibilities, to compare notes with people who come from or have spent time in other cultures, where mere survival is not guaranteed by the smothering façade of Welfarism.

After 17 years, the last one being a "sabbatical", CI needs more participation: to write stories long & short, to translate & assist with mail requests/exchanges. To be of use alongside faq and info web-pages and more frequent news-sheets such as Schnews & Resistance, it needs to rediscover the vitality of people connected to the anti-capitalist movement writing in the first hand, and thinking creatively, to ensure long-term committed and enjoyable participation in a social revolution.


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